Twisted Ovary

Ovarian Torsion is a serious condition. If you have sharp pains down there that are coming and going, please see your GYNO ASAP. Dr. Gupta talks about how a twisted ovary needs to be looked at ASAP. At Walk IN GYN Care, we have on site ultrasound which can help diagnose this serious condition and potentially save permanent damage to the ovary.


Sniffles are not the only outcome of allergies!

Allergies can be behind a lot of serious issues we may be suffering from….

Little Known Facts – Allergies!!

Artificial sweeteners do not reduce Diabetes Risk

More data from the famous Women’s health initiative revealed no benefit in using artificial sweeteners as a replacement for sugar. There was no change in the incidence of diabetes in a cohort of post menopausal women recruited for the initiative between 1993 and 1998.  Infact, in the sub group of obese women, artificial sweeteners led to an increased risk of diabetes.

Water came to the rescue. Statistically substituting 1 serving of artificial sweeteners with water was associated with a significant risk reduction of 5% (HR: 0.95; 95% CI: 0.91, 0.99), whereas substituting 1 serving of sugared beverages with water was associated with a risk reduction of 10% (HR: 0.90; 95% CI: 0.85, 0.95).


Probiotics may come to the rescue yet again!



Probiotic supplements prevented bone loss in a postmenopausal mouse model, researchers reported. This finding suggests that probiotics may be a therapeutic strategy for postmenopausal osteoporosis, according to a study published April 25, 2016 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.


Home Work out of the week


Do every exercise for a 1 minute.  3 sets.



Jumping Jacks

High Knees

Toe Touches


Push Ups


Bicycle Crunches


Wall Sit

Jump Rope

This whirlwind weather driving your sinuses crazy?

“Fixing the Itch”… Sounds cheesy, but any woman who has needed a gynecologist’s help urgently can understand the frustration of not being able to get an appointment with her doctor soon enough. Hitting the feminine hygiene aisle with no relief can be quite challenging! Instead of spending time and money on over the counter medications, we can help you by diagnosing and treating the right problem in a jiffy. Irregular periods or vaginal bleeding can lead you to need to see a Gynecologist right away. If you are running out of Birth Control or missed a pill, just Walk In to see our Women’s Health team and they can answer all the questions for you. Same day appointments are available at Walk IN GYN Care.

If you need access to a “Walk In Gynecologist”, our office is open after office hours and on weekends. We are in-network with most insurances. If you do not have insurance or are just visiting New York, we have highly affordable cash rates for an annual well visit, STD testing or a same day visit. If you need to access to your medical records or want to secure an appointment, you may sign up below.

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