Urinary incontinence or inability to hold urine is more common than you know. No need to be embarrassed! Diapers are not for you. We are here to help the modern women of today live a fit and health life, not relegated to a life of panty liners or diapers.

We are now performing a full Urinary system evaluation and pelvic floor therapy for urine incontinence and pelvic floor relaxation to avoid surgery as much as possible.

Please review the attached documents before your Urodynamics or Biofeedback appointment so you know what to expect.

Walk IN GYN CareAstoria location 

Wednesdays 9 am to 1p

Most insurances should cover the above studies. Your regular co-pays and deductible may apply.

In case you don’t have insurance or the study is not covered by your insurance plan, the self-pay schedule is as follows:

Urodynamic Study – $500

Biofeedback Session $ 275/ per session (You need 6 sessions total).

Thank you

Hoping to keep you healthy, fit and dry!!

Walk IN GYN team
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