LEEP stands for Loop Electrocautery excision Procedure of Cervix. LEEP is a procedure done when you have a high grade abnormal pap smear.

  1. Main risk of the procedure – Vaginal BLEEDING.
  2. Do not schedule the procedure right before your period.
  3. Stop any natural supplements, garlic, turmeric, fish oil, Vitamin C etc 2 weeks before the procedure.
  4. Stop any Green Teas two weeks before procedure.
  5. Do not take Advil, Excedrin, Motrin, Ibuprofen 2 wks before procedure. Tylenol alone in OK.
  6. Probiotics – Please take Probiotics – acidophilus plain daily before procedure (10 billion units – no vitamin C in them please).
  7. No sex/ tampons/ baths/ beach or hot yoga for 6 wks after procedure.
  8. No work outs/ spinning/ swimming etc for 6 wks. May start elliptical or light exercise after clearance after the post-op appt.
  9. No travelling for 6 wks after procedure..
  10. If you are on birth control pills, we recommend skipping the placebo week if the period falls close to the procedure.
  11. If you have an IUD, it will have to come out during the procedure and the new one cannot be inserted before atleast 8 wks until after the procedure.
  12. You may be prescribed antibiotics after the procedure. Make sure    we have a pharmacy on file.
  13. You will need a 2 weeks and 4 weeks follow up.


Good Luck.

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