Urgent Care for Women

Women often have urgent care issues that need to be addressed in an Urgent Care Women’s Health setting. However, the routine appointments with the GYN are hard to get in a reasonable time frame. There by women need to be aware that if there are any of the below listed symptoms, you may want to see a women’s health specialist’s help urgently.


Various reasons for Women to visit Urgent Care Gynecologist


  1. Sudden onset lower abdominal pain
  2. Missed period with pelvic pain
  3. Missed period with heavy vaginal bleeding
  4. Missed period with positive pregnancy test with pelvic pain
  5. Nausea/ vomiting with pregnancy
  6. Sudden fainting with missed periods
  7. Heavy vaginal bleeding with or without passage of clots
  8. Positive pregnancy test with pelvic pain
  9. Foul smelling discharge
  10. Severe vaginal irritation with or without discharge
  11. Painful urination or burning while urination.
  12. Migraines with periods
  13. Painful periods
  14. Painful periods with vomiting
  15. Sharp stabbing lower abdominal pain, which comes, and goes.
  16. Bleeding after Sex
  17. Emergency contraception after accidental unprotected sex (e.g. condom broken)
  18. Rape
  19. Sexual intercourse without consent.
  20. STD testing


The above symptoms could be an indication of some serious conditions such as Ovarian torsion (twisted ovary), Endometriosis, Miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), STD’s, Undiagnosed pregnancy etc.


Experiencing any of the above symptoms should encourage women to seek help of a Women’s health specialist (OBGYN) sooner rather than later so that there are no long term residual effects from treatment delay.




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